Annual Report - 2018/2019

Waverley Cycle Forum Annual Report 2018/2019

Over the last year three meetings of Waverley Cycle Forum (WCF) have taken place:

  • 22nd May 2018
  • 30th October 2018 
  • 22nd January 2019

Minutes for each meeting are available on the forum website

The focus during the year has been on three subjects: links to Rushmoor Borough Council (in collaboration with the Rushmoor Cycle Forum), new routes from the major development at Dunsfold Park, and the Guildford Godalming Greenway. 

In addition, the Forum continues to monitor the S106 agreements reached with major developments and scrutinise the quality of the resulting proposed infrastructure. As of September 2018, £5.6m in S106 contributions for transport schemes had been identified across the Borough, of which around 20% is likely to be of some benefit to cycling. Around £600k of this results from developments in, or near, Godalming, £1.5m in Farnham, £3.4m in Cranleigh and £206k in Haslemere. 

Links with Rushmoor

Prior to the October meeting, members of WCF joined members of Rushmoor Cycle Forum to review routes between the northwestern parts of the borough (Farnham, Hale, Badshot Lea) and the adjacent urban areas of southern Rushmoor (Aldershot). A paper was jointly produced summarising the findings to inform future discussions with both councils. This outlines four separate routes in need of improvement.

Dunsfold Park

Planning permission was granted for 1,800 dwellings as Dunsfold in 2018, with an appeal against the development refused in November 2018. Current plans for access on foot or bike are limited and members of the Forum have undertaken several surveys of the proposed links between the site and surrounding villages. Members of the Forum have been in contact with the developers and local landowners with the aim of making improvements to these routes. A paper outlining the options between Cranleigh and the site summarised some of these issues.

Guildford Godalming Greenway

The Guildford Godalming Greenway was originally proposed by members of the Godalming Cycle Campaign as an improved route for everyone be they on foot, bike, users of wheelchairs, scooters or pushchairs. The route involves upgrading existing sections of route and new crossings. 

At its meeting on 29/6/18, the Waverley Local Committee agreed that the Guildford Godalming Greenway be incorporated into the Waverley Cycle Plan. On 13/6/18 a similar agreement was reached at the Guildford Local Committee. Godalming Town Council endorsed the project at its meeting on 19/7/18, and the project has been added to the town’s indicative list of schemes that might be funded under CIL.

Surrey CC have successfully secured funding to undertake a feasibility study and design work into the route. On 29/3/19 members of the Waverley Cycle Forum, Godalming Cycle Campaign, the Guildford Bicycle Users Group and Surrey County Council reviewed the route on the ground in preparation for the feasibility study. A subsequent workshop has developed further objectives for the study, funding for which is available until March 2020.