Hindhead Cycle Infrastructure

This set of pages was created in 2009, and we've kept them as they were even though all the planned work has finished. They illustrate the detailed plans at the time.

Major roadworks on the A3 trunk road on the Surrey - Hampshire border at Hindhead will soon start a new phase that will affect cyclists in Hindhead village in particular. Once the tunnel is open, the surface road around the Devil's Punch Bowl will be closed and Hindhead village will have an extraordinary opportunity for a transformation back to a community not dominated by motor traffic. The following diagrams have been supplied by the Highways Agency for comment, ideally by the 27 November 2009. Please comment and criticise, even after this date, on what you think about the quality of the provisions and what you might suggest instead. The details will be collected and forwarded to the Highways Agency's programme manager.

Hammer Lane junction




The Hammer Lane junction is at the most southern point of the Hindhead road works.





High Pitfold underpass




The High Pitfold underpass is a bit south of the main junction with the new A3. There are 3 Cyclists Dismount signs.




Hazel Grove junction




Hazel Grove is the main junction with the new A3. There are several schools on the lower part of the drawing; the village of Grayshott is on the upper half of the drawing. There are 9 Cyclists Dismount signs.




Headley Road junction
& Hindhead crossroads


Headley Road is the main access road to the shops at Grayshott. Hindhead crossroads is currently the main junction with traffic lights at Hindhead, and once the tunnel is open the right-hand road in the drawing will only be open as far as the NT cafe. Notice the double roundabout, nominally to allow coaches better access. Together there are 4 Cyclists Dismount signs.


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