The Waverley Cycle Plan

Waverley Cycle Plan

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Waverley BC first published a Cycle Plan in May 2005, which included lists of schemes. Only a handful of these schemes were ever completed. 

Surrey's Local Transport Plan - introduced in 2011 - created a Surrey Cycling Strategy, published in 2014, which in turn required each of the boroughs and districts of Surrey to submit their own plan. These plans set out local projects aimed at improving conditions for cycling.

After a period of consultation involving the Waverley Cycle Forum and local representatives from each of the four areas of Waverley, a Waverley Cycle Plan was completed. In addition to commitments on cycle promotion, training, safety schemes and data collection, the Plan includes a list of preferred schemes. In December 2016, the Waverley Local Committee (which includes Surrey and Waverley County Councillors, and sets the priorities and budgets for Surrey County Council's work) adopted the plan.

The planned schemes can be viewed on the map of planned and completed routes.