Upper Tuesley (Milford Hospital) Consultation

Upper Tuesley – land adjacent to Milford Hospital Consultation response from Godalming Cycle Campaign

April 2012


Our members have studied a number of the relevant documents and we submit the following observations:


(1) Introduction: As a cycle campaign group we seek that if the land in question is developed then positive action be taken to encourage cycling – both by suitable cycle parking on site and by the provision of appropriate routes – and that the upper section of Tuesley Lane be protected.


(2) Cycle-parking:  It is important with a new residential development such as the one proposed that cycle-parking for residents is convenient to their living space and is undercover and lockable.  Consideration also needs to be given as to whether any separate visitor cycle-parking is needed.  We urge that any potential developer be encouraged to consult with the Waverley Cycle Forum or the CTC on the provision of cycle accommodation.


(3) Footway alongside Station Lane and Tuesley Lane: From Milford railway station along the north side of Station Lane and continuing on the west side of Tuesley Lane to the entrance of the hospital there is a footway.  This footway is much wider than it first appears as grass has gradually eroded its width.  We propose that this space is converted to a shared use path for pedestrians and cyclists, appropriate consideration would have to be given for the width of the path and the radius of the corner at Tuesley Lane/Station Lane junction. At the end nearest Milford station there has been a problem with one or two cars parking on the grass verge and obstructing the start (or finish) of the footway:  we trust this will be addressed with the use of any additional post or posts that may be required. A further advantage of restoring these footways would be to improve access to the community path that traverses east off the lower part of Tuesley Lane.


(4) Public footpath from Milford railway station: The footpath that provides a direct route from the proposed development area to Milford station is important and we note the suggestion of surface enhancement: we hope this will be done and consideration given to upgrading this path to bridleway status to enable its legal use by students attending Rodborough School.


(5) Protecting Tuesley Lane:  With any proposal for development, we believe it is imperative for steps to be taken to protect the rural northern section of Tuesley Lane between the edge of Godalming and the Milford hospital site. We ask that consideration be given to this section of lane being only available for buses, pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders (apart from any necessary access to, say, Tuesley Manor).

The existing Tuesley Lane is currently relatively quiet and we regard it now as being a pleasant cycling route that could be further enhanced through a reduction in use by motor-traffic. In any event, we propose the implementation of a 20 mph speed limit on upper Tuesley Lane and a 30 mph limit on the remainder of this lane.