Terms of Reference


January 2005


Composition and Representation

The Forum will comprise of:-

Surrey County Council Officers and Members

Waverley Borough Council Officers and Members

Town and Parish Council representatives

Local cycling group members (IPOCs)

Other vulnerable road-user groups, as appropriate (IPOCs)

IPOCs = Informal Points of Contacts, providing a single point of contact to allow exchange of information between Council officers and users. IPOCs should be nominated by the local groups.

The principal role of a member of the Forum is to provide information and advice. A member shall only make representation on behalf of the Forum if this has been agreed at a Forum meeting, or where a rapid response is required in between meetings only after e-mail consultation with Forum members and final approval by the chairman. The views of the Forum are not necessarily the views or opinions of the officers of the councils or members and should not be represented as such.



The Cycling Forum’s main purpose is to enable communication between cycling groups and users and the officers and members of the councils.

The Cycle Forum will contribute to the review and implementation of the Waverley Cycling Plan and Action Plan.

The Forum will, through its local knowledge, advise the County Council and Borough Council, as appropriate, on the following matters:-

a)    Improvements to the strategic/local cycle network for Waverley

b)    Provide local input into the development of schemes to deliver the strategic/local network

c)    Assist in the development of these schemes

d)    Provide comment on strategic and large scale planning applications (small-scale planning applications should be separately monitored and commented on directly to the planning department by local groups – see website http://www.waverley.gov.uk/planning/

e)    Provide comment on highway schemes, maintenance works and improvements programme.

f)      Assist with the identification and location of non-highway cycling facilities (eg cycle parking)

g)    Assist in the updating of the Waverley Cycling Plan and Action Plan and review its progress.

h)    Assist in identifying opportunities for improving cycling/public transport links

i)      Promote cycling eg organised cycle rides and display stands



Meetings will normally take place 4 times a year in:-

January (to incl. election of chairman and confirmation of IPOCs)

April (to incl. review and update of Waverley Cycling Plan Action Plan)

July (to provide input into Surrey CC Local Transport Plan)


Sub-groups will be formed, as needed, to work on specific issues and discuss local scheme details.

Agenda and minutes will be prepared. Agenda items on local issues will be sought in advance of each meeting. Minutes will note key decisions and action points.

Meetings should be 2 hours in duration. To make efficient use of members time, sub-groups should consider meeting beforehand, in advance of the Forum meeting, and provide feedback directly to the meeting.

Meeting rooms, administrative support and other resources will be provided by the Borough Council.


Annual Review

The annual review of the Waverley Cycle Plan will feed into the Local Area Committee.


A chairman will be appointed annually from the Forum membership. The forum will be serviced by Waverley Borough Council’s Planning & Development and Environment & Leisure Departments.


Updated 2/2/05