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Hydestile/Milford Cycle Route

Riding community path

A few years ago there were intense planning negotiations concerning Tuesley Farm, mainly centred on polytunnels and a caravan site for fruit pickers.  After initial refusal by Waverley retrospective permission was eventually granted for some polytunnels subject to conditions. One of the conditions was the provision of a cycle way (to be called Quiet Lane) running from Hydestile crossroads to Tuesley lane near Milford Station. Details of the structure and surface of the cycle way were to be sent to Waverley for approval within a few months of the permission. Although the route could be used by any cyclists it is best suited to hybrid or mountain bikes.

In the summer of 2009 Tuesley farm applied to Waverley to modify the proposals, notably by modifying the route and by designating the route as a footpath. Waverley eventually allowed the rerouting but insisted it remain a cycle route. 

A letter dated 21 September 2009 from the Hall Hunter Partnership confirmed that:  "The Community Path was always to be used by pedestrians and children cycling to school (although it was never limited to children cyclists)." The Forum has welcomed the new route, especially as it provides a safe route for students attending Rodborough School.  It also provides a pleasant route to Milford Station