Godalming, Milford and Witley (Cllr. Penny Rivers, Cllr. Peter Martin)

Ref. no. Scheme description Comment Progress
G1 Godalming Chalk Road / Bridge Road / Burys / Flambard Way route. Crucial to strategy  
G2 Godalming Marshall Road cycle access: a) use of the footpath next to Jewsons. b) widening of alleyway at Farncombe end by railway level crossing. Strategic link Section a) at Jewsons complete. b) still awaited (Sept '17)
G3 Godalming Mill Lane toucan crossing. Station access & work area  
G4 400m link section on west side of A3 at Lower Eashing to Norney. Pursue with HA  
G5 Godalming Lower South Street cycle signing and dropped kerb plus dropped kerb at the junction of Home Farm Road and Hambledon Road. Cheap to do  
G6 Godalming improved access to rail station.    
G7 Godalming Queen Street and South Street toucan crossings of Flambard Way.    
G8 Upgrade footpath to restricted byway from Milford Station Lane to Tuesley. Safe routes to Rodborough School The footway adjacent to Tuesley Lane has been upgraded to a 3m wide path as part of the Milford Hospital redevelopment (2015-2016)
G9 Godalming Summers Road safe routes to schools scheme. Put speed cushions right.    
G10 Godalming Busbridge safe routes to schools scheme. Put speed cushions right.    
G11 Godalming A3100 safe cycle facilities.    
G12 Godalming town centre two way cycle access. Use contraflow lanes in town centre one way streets.    
G13 Godalming Catteshall Lane toucan at junction with Flambard Way.   In progress (Sept '17)
G14 Godalming improvement of sight lines at junction Gt George St & The Burys Cheap to do 100%
G15 Godalming - assessment of New Way as a cycle route. Ockford Road alternative  
G16 Godalming cycle stand provision and re-spacing of existing stands. Cheap to do 100%
G17 Elstead to Rodborough off road route across common