The Downs Link and the rail line


The following pages were written in June 2009. As of January 2015 nothing significant has changed.

Downs Link between
Bramley & Cranleigh

There is a good opportunity to re-open a rail link to Bramley and Cranleigh from Guildford which could provide an environmentally attractive alternative to road transport use. Any change should fully meet the needs of the other users of the route, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders. Cyclists in particular easily have the speed and range to compare well with motor transport over this distance. The route is also much treasured as a quiet area in a noisy world. Use should be made of the full width of this corridor over the entire length with no exceptions to provide an appropriate resource for all users. Purchase of property may be required in a very small number of places and renumeration should be generous with respect to the market price. A new Cranleigh station should be in the centre of the community, with possibly an extra station at the edge of the village specifically for commuters wanting to park their cars.