Stocklund Square
behind Sainsbury's

The old station in Cranleigh is now part of the buildings in Stocklund Square, and the path of the old rail line has been converted into vehicle parking space. A small garage block has been built over the rail route at one point. A new rail line and station could be built along the back of this, and would require some encroachment onto the green area to give room for the likely need for two tracks to give a passing loop.


Stocklund Square


At one point about 100m before Stocklund Square a householder appears to have extended the garden into the old rail corridor. There are also several footpaths and a couple of vehicle access routes crossing the rail corridor. At several points houses have garden gates opening directly onto the corridor as well.


Stocklund Square
from Downs Link




Encroachment onto rail corridor


All these issues would need addressing. They seem worth overcoming, as the alternative of a station near Elmbridge Road would miss the opportunity of positioning the station in the natural centre of the community. The Downs Link route for other users could then continue uninterrupted as it is now.