Cranleigh and Eastern Villages (Cllrs. Jonathan Lord, Andrew Povey)

Ref. no. Scheme description Comment Progress
C1 Downs Link crossing of Knowle Lane, Cranleigh.    
C2 Village Way in direction of Leisure Centre and the Downs Link in Cranleigh.    
C3 Chiddingfold crossing of the A283.    
C4 A cycle link between Elmbridge Road (edge of Cranleigh) with the Downs Link cycle route.    
C5 The towpath of the Wey and Arun canal from Lakers Green crossing the A281 to the Alford Road be upgraded to provide a good cycling surface.    
C6 Public footpath 477 (Bramley) linking Trunley Heath Road and Foxborough Hill Road to be converted to bridleway status and given a good cycling surface.    
C7 A new cycle route across the disused Dunsfold aerodrome linking Lakers Green (Dunsfold Road) with Stovolds Hill Part of Dunsfold Park redevelopment plan  
C8 A small section of the A281 between Brookwell Lane and Rooks Hill Farm to be made safer for cycling.    
C9 The B2127 between Cranleigh and Ewhurst to have an off carriageway cycle route. Extension proposed as part of Waverley Cycle Plan Mostly complete (9/2017)
C10 A safe crossing point for cyclists at the junction of the A283 / New Road /Lane End Hambledon, to enable cyclists to get safely from New Road to Lane End and vice-versa.